Terms and conditions

1. Development

This website is in an early stage of development. You’re welcome to join our community of translators and give us feedback on your experience with our platform.

2. Code of conduct

Please keep the tone polite and professional. For some users a particular discussion may be their first engagement in this community. First impressions count, so let’s try to make everyone feel welcome.

3. License

All works of Ellen G. White and any translations produced on this website are copyrighted by the Ellen G. White Estate®, a nonprofit corporation. All rights are reserved. The White Estate has the right to publish, print, sell and give to third parties, such as publishing houses, all materials for proof reading, printing or for any other reason they deem necessary. For more information see http://ellenwhite.org/node/888632. Translations in progress are unofficial. The only official translations are those found in the final releases (of which there are none to date).

4. Personal data

Personal information must be accurate and kept up to date.

We cannot accept any texts on this platform which were not translated on this platform. Legal measures may be the result from non-compliance to this requirement.

6. Limitations

Translators are not allowed to write, paste, upload or in any way submit personal data revealing their own or another’s identified or identifiable natural person’s racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union memberships, genetic or biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying a natural person concerning health, sex life or sexual orientation as understood by Art. 9 (1) and Art. 4 (1) DSGVO on or to our website (and APIs).