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What we do

We are a global community passionate about sharing the beautiful messages of love found in the writings of Ellen White with everyone in their own language.

Ellen White's Publications

Providing a platform where Ellen White's Writings can be collaboratively translated into multiple languages

your translated materials

Upload and edit texts that you have personally translated

to the world

Making approved translations available on EGW Writings Apps and website

Our Process

for each paragraph of the translation

  • 1

    Machine Translation as a foundation

  • 2

    Human Translators refining the text

  • 3

    Trusted Reviewers assuring quality

  • 4

    Appointee of White Estate giving approval

How We Ensure

the quality of our translations

  • done_all

    Review System

    Two professional translators must review each paragraph which notifies the appointee of the White Estate to give final approval and release each book to the egw app and website

  • edit

    Style Guide

    [In Development]
    Every translator may suggest additions to the style guide and glossary. Professional Reviewers then discuss and vote on these to add them to the translation guide

  • ondemand_video


    [In Development]
    Every user gets an online translator’s training to become a certified translator with general and Ellen White and Bible specific skills

  • spellcheck


    [In Development]
    The editor is equipped with a set of grammar and orthography spell check technology, similar to Microsoft word

  • history


    Every edit is recorded and can be reviewed by anyone who wants to improve on any paragraph

How We Protect

our platform from rogue users

  • verified_user

    User Verification

    All users must create an account and get verified before they can contribute as translators

  • block


    Any havoc creating user that gets reported, can get blocked from using the platform and some or all their changes can be reversed

  • track_changes


    Every edit is recorded and linked to its user profile and can be reviewed by anyone

  • notifications


    [In Development]
    Contributions of new translators are sent to more experienced translators for review

  • flag


    Any user can get reported or flagged to the administrators, if they make questionable contributions

The largest translated EGW library — Spanish — contains only 25% of the official 440 EGW publications

Less than 1% of the Spirit of Prophecy is translated into most languages

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